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€ 170,00 per person

A Etna tour is always beautiful, but if you want reach the summit area of the volcano, the Etna tour at the Volcanological Observatory is the perfect choice. The tour plan include the rising with special Jeeps 4x4 equipped for volcanic off-road, until an altitude of 2800m.


Leave stress and worries at home, we will pick you up at your hotel or at the agreed meeting point. Let be yourself guided along the landscapes of Etna, between old villages, volcanic fields and get yout ready... the off-road tour is coming!



It begin with a very volcanic trail among ancient lava flows and the typical vegetation of Etna, until to reach the south-east side of the Valle del Bove. During the summer or walking on the snow it always a great emotion going along the crest, here our guide will explain some geological phenomena that originate the incredible valley. But this is only the begin, because the adventure has just begun!


Are you was been on the moon? After this experience you could say yes! Rising up through special jeeps, we will reach 2800 meter above see level, in a place so different than common natural landscapes that you will seem to dream. But it's not a dream! You are at the top areas of Etna. Here will begin a short trek to visit some smoking huge craters with amazing panoramic views. Your eyes will go around in every direction to catch the beauty of island of the sun.


After a nice morning past into the nature, we will stop in a suggestive Etna shelter to taste the unique flavors of Sicilian typical cousine with a good glass of Etna wine. The lunch is not included.


After the lunch will go to discover the mystery of Etna. We will bring you to explore a volcanic cave also called lava tube, to undestand what happend when the lava leave the surface and flowing inside the ground. While you will walk inside tha cave our guide will explain you all most interesting phenomena cause of by the lava when it flows in the ground.

Starting time 8:30am, last 5 hours.

Recommended clothings: Wind proof jacket, Hat, Sneakers

Guide, Naturalistic Guide.

Lunch not included.


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