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€ 100,00 per person

Canyoning is an outdoor activities where you descend along rivers that flow inside canyons, it's not an individual sport and during the activity each partecipants needs the help of the others.

The goal of this activity is take fun togheter others people, with an intense contact with the nature away from caos and stress.

A canyon is a place where is a perfect armony between water and rocks, during the activity the partecipant will find many natural obstacles like waterfalls, walls and it will be possible go on with ropes, dips, slips and climb.

To practice this activity you need some equipments like: a canyoning suit (similar to the diving suit, it's essential to protect yourself by the cold water of the river), sneakers or trekking shoes, neoprene boots, helmet, harness, life jacket, rope and carabiners (all the equipment is supplied by our organization). 

Several routes have been traced, equipped and tested in various rivers at the slopes of Etna, including the Acantara and Roccella rivers.

Lasts 2h 30min around.

Clothings: Swimsuit, Sneakers or Trekking shoes and Beach towel.

Guide and Canyoning instructor

Insurence Included.

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